as this thought rearrangement goes on the body is adapting as well. anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, ssri and mood stabilizing agents used to treat bi-polar patients also affect migrainous nerve endings, electrolytes, stomach processes and other areas.

depression therapy is said to effect areas in the inner left area of the brain. it’s also said to cause manic periods where the patient feels that the absolute truth is being revealed to them, so consider the warning label

by enhancing the serotonin process the meds compensate for the ‘illness’ but have the side-effect of raising serotonin in the system. this is paradoxical since the presence of serotonin in the gi lining is thought by some to cause diarrhea thus causing further improper metabolism of ingested foods. if there’s a problem metabolising tryptophan to serotonin, the very action of correct metabolism would cause a problem thus shutting down further metabolism.

*** warning will robinson ***
this reads like a good thing to test for a bad reason. why ? because it ends in a tautology. any time a discussion ends in a lack of a decision or results in a tautology there must be a fundamental flaw in the reasoning. remember plato’s theory of the shadows in the cave.