there’s a lot to be said for diagnosis from successful treatment. what does this picture paint for you ?

zyprexa, zoloft and topamax are effective but leave side effects
loperamide relieves one side effect when it acts as a cns depressant (neutralizing some of the above)
migraines occur despite topamax, relpax not effective therefore not vascular dilation
nicotine response neutral
probable cause is seratonin reaction coupled with nerve
sensitivity and sinus inflammation
incomplete metabolic process cause unknown, multi-vitamin and fiber supplement taken to offset
acid reflux
high cholesterol

three cranial nerve pressure points known to cause migraines
cataract surgery indicated

wbc 11.9
neu% 81.0
lymph% 13.2
neutro 9.6
chlor, ser 110
co2 24
glucose 112
pco2 33.1
po2 103.6
hco3-act 20.2
be -3.7

physical rehabilitation for four weeks, compliant.

divorced, one child on medicare disability, no job, no drivers license.

this could indicate a picture of a not quite streamlined bi-polar individual. it would be interesting to hear from the audience. be a mirror for this patient and let him know what he looks like!