weebles cycle until they stop.

hopefully while bi-polars cycle they enjoy the experience of the world. it’s a fantastic place.

maybe the kinetic energy of cycling can be channeled into creative outlets ?

i’ve seen and heard too much negative commentary lately. sure there are a lot of things not like they could be, but constantly passing judgement isn’t healthy. and not adding constructive opportunities is worse.

see, that was just a simple x – y axis problem when all the baggage isn’t attached. add in a disposition toward kindness and a tendency toward toward pro-action. viola!

simplicity may be complex but it doesn’t have to be complicated. unfortunately it’s subject to first amendment criticism and ridicule as well. that’s why hand rail and observation is important. act to a public, reasonable, prudent standard then look in the mirror. if you weeble grab the handrail.

when you’re ready, create!