at first thought is linear with all that implies.

it graduates to x – y, and then comes the need for balance. just like walking a tightrope.

from the need for balance comes an observer which necessitates a three dimensional view. now things are rolling. everything begins to open up and actualize. all experience is new and you haven’t even noticed how far the onion layers have peeled back.

because you’ve looked away and become involved in the process the balance has shifted internally. look externally and interact. become calm. note the interactions. shift to observing.

nature is wonderful especially music and pictures. language is a challenge as the word in writing is a phonetical representation of a sound and not a picture of an object.

goals are good. they are something to help with the next level of four dimensions, time. achieving by a certain date is a reality check. reality checks are important. it is very easy to slip back into behaviour that is in the ‘blind spot’ of congnative thinking.

for example doing the right thing for the wrong reason: smoking a cigarette may be to pamper oneself for 10 minutes. certainly it enables a psychological trigger that rewards pampering oneself. vicious cycle.

this leads to the next dimension of quantuum physicists, which i am not, of colors, shapes, textures, etc. which describe attributes not available by the other four labels.