if you can see back and you can see present then you can hold a mirror in front to peek at the future. how ? well, choose the angle of incidence and reflection. (fanciful but descriptive names)

i’m going to backstop myself by reading _blink_ on this, but i expect to find that our bodies are chemically programmed to respond to stimula. that somewhere along the line our choice of response to stimula wasn’t healthy, but it got to be an ingrained response anyway.

of course other factors such as heredity (genetics), environment and diet affect what choices we have available.

so you have to manage those choices backwards to find what the healthy responses were. make the healthy choices repeatedly. make sure you understand them and their reasons.

the legal goal of everyman is to be reasonable and prudent.

reasonable: appropriate in a particular situation
prudent: acting with or showing care and thought for the future