the first step in understanding is to realize that any explanation is useless. it can only point to an action that makes sense after it’s taken and reviewed in light of the results. this is a typical ‘doing the right thing for the wrong reasons’. the book _BLINK_ dicusses this.

the following statements are fiction and do not purport to be of anything but imagination or conjecture. read them entirely at your own risk. by reading them you agree that your use of them for whatever use you make of them is by your own choice and hold the author free from any liability. this applies to anything placed on the board by this author.

next is to place oneself in the center of an onion. motivate peeling off the innermost layer. this should change the serotonin levels. if properly done, no change in the biology occurs. if there is a change then something may become manifest in sweats, anion gap imbalance or other chemical reaction.

these chemical reactions may be well within normal range and non-suspicious to doctors and laypersons. they may be seen as preserveration and panic attacks. the individual may present as reasonable and calm.

however this must be viewed in light of some famous personalities such as adrian monk (fiction), jimi hendrix (musician) and soren kierkegaard (philosopher).