another aspect of bi-polar illness is perservation. dwelling on situations longer than appropriate. but who can determine appropriate ? that’s really the question being faced.

google is a real example of trying to be suitable and appropriate each second of every day. but just like adding character recognition for every post, there’s a creative component to every human endevour that’s not quite quantifiable though it is repeatable.

the paradox is that this bi-polar is functional while observed. simply having the hand rail is enough not to need the hand rail, having the medications is enough to control the bi-polar illness. but there’s still the feeling of being a weeble – imagine a slight electrolyte, anion gap, just like a small dc current is passing through the body. there’s three rhythms: chemical, heart, lungs. muscles expand and contract. left and right side of the brain dominate or integrate. you feel unbalanced like a weeble.