when a picture is taken of a mirror you see the image of the camera in the mirror. now add a mirror in back of the camera and the first mirror reflects the second mirror reflecting the first …

there are many such cycles in life and the body responds to such cycles. find the internal cycles of chemical processes, blood pumping and thoughts triggering. externals such as musical beats, poetic meter, birds singing, motors running, even grass growing, though slowly even the rain has a pattering arhythmical sound.

each of these cycles is a process of a evolving triad. triads are not unique to any one culture though the egyptians embodied them the best by making them with a fourth dimension (paradoxical, eh?)

in this case the triad is based on phenomenological guidelines of experience – acquire – define. experience the raw data of the sensory inputs, process them into meaningful input, interpret the input into categories for response.

remember that by this process you are rendering the data in a way that can never be wholly objective. the best you can do is to adhere to an accepted standard of repeatable conduct (just like a mirror).