this was build before rev james took over maintenance of white’s mill property. it was built to control possible flooding that the white’s mill stone dam could not handle. unfortunately a sewer line was built along side it and the dam was dynamited. it was constructed with no mortar. after the blasting, it took masoners to rebuild it as was never the same.

there was a small pond up creek from the stone dam where ice skaters took their leisure. further up from the earthen dam is the pre-civil war graveyard.

one problem with having the sweage system go by the waterway is it’s maintenance. the city, county, state and federal government are all responsible to a degree for preservation and maintenance of that system and surroundings. it’s fallen to mrs walker to handle (for lack of a better word). at one time it was tenants in common with rev walker and his brother, now mrs walker has rev walker’s half and his home.

as the government asserts their right of maintenance they find that the locks on the gate have been changed and only the patient and mrs walker have the keys. mrs walker has directed that tracy walker picks up the patient and gets a key made for their family.

when the city came by and wanted to go out, it was suggested that the patient simply go with them at 8:30 the next morning, chain their lock to mrs walker’s and allow them access. they were to take their lock off when done. this seemed to be a kind and polite gesture and everyone seemed to accept. of course it wasn’t put in writing.

next day the patient prepares to go out at the appointed time but no one shows up. he then waits until the next day and gets a ride out where he found the neighbors gate had been taken down and the second gate dented and the chain removed. after a friend advised him to call the sherriff, the city showed up expecting to proceed with their job. more trucks came back from inside mrs walker’s property. the patient offered explanations that mrs walker could be contacted, even offering his cell phone. apparently they had gotten frustrated and confused at the terms mrs walker had set. on leaving one of the city workers offered an apology saying that they wouldn’t be back until their supervisor and mrs walker come to an understanding. on the way out, the patient padlocked the gate back. Posted by Picasa