the patient has related some symptoms today that bear repeating. he’s had trouble with the keyboard today “lysdexia” and asked me to enter them instead…

as proof of knowing the right things without knowing why he cites the supreme court decisions on pornography where one justice declared that he couldn’t define it but knew it when he saw it. eventually it was left for the local community to decide.

on how he does the right thing for the wrong reason, his doctor firmly corrected his self diagnosis. rather than having a serotonin deficit is was more likely a serotonin glut.

for cognative dyslexia or dissonance, if he needs to go beyond his lysdexia, he offers two other incidents: the first was after he left the doctor’s office. he looked up to the clouds, they were travelling one way but the wind was blowing another. that completely befuddled him. he could not interpret what was at work or what it meant. the next event was when he went grocery shopping. he was confronted with three ways a soft drink was packaged: there was two packages of 6 of 12 oz for $5.00, one 12 of 12 oz for 3.29, one for 6 of .5 liter for 2.50 or 18 of 12 oz for 4.29. well he had to take out a pad and write this down first. he quickly discarded the option for .5 liters since he couldn’t convert it to ounces. then he looked at a difference of 8 more ounces for only $1.00 and chose that. which one do you figure is cheaper ?