the patients condition is fairly simple but it’s hard to remain unemotionally touched. he’s cognitively dyslexic, that is he confuses ideas or symbols. he was tested early for his unspecific responses to audio prompts. while he could identify the iconic representation, he could not formulate an appropriate response for it. this was repeatable later in a pitch pattern test administered at bowman grey.

again, these tests were not sufficient to raise more than a doubt about appropriateness, but if they had been explored deeper they would have shown invaluable results.

for example, the patient is able to reason backwards. he plans the future by analyzing the results of his actions rather than looking foward to the possibilities. this is an important distinction. in order to explain this pardon this digression…

today everything is geared toward the average. everything supports the reasonable, prudent course of action. that is the norm, that is acceptable. however nature rewards the successful, that is called evolution. however arrived at, man is a complex being far removed from the abilities of other life forms encountered to date. and by whatever means accomplished, man achieved this position by being a thriving species.

this will only continue if man thrives not merely survives. mere survival is stagnation.

everyone and everything is capable of being the most of what they are. but this again falls into an area of ‘acceptible’ standards. what about the people who always strive to be all of what they are capable of ? and what about those who can excel beyond even them ?

it goes back to the standards:

there’s the first level of organic function where everything is happening to it’s own rhythm, there is no conducted symphony if you will.

next is controlled chaos where there is a direction. that is where events happen because they are decided to happen. there is a definite pulse to it, orchestrated.

next is errors or mistakes. this is when a conscious choices is made despite the facts. intention does not enter in.

appropriate is when two entities coordinate to achieve an acceptible goal. an example is when a tanker refuels a jet. both jockey for position and the drogue automagically slides itself the last few inches through a slope into the nozzle.

last is perfect. this is when the customized position matches the event so well that all points conform.

now these are all accepted _standards_. but what about _un_expected standards ? those emergency or unexpected conditions. how do you become prudent to plan ahead ?

as an example the patient went to see his father’s land today. he rode a local transport system out and walked the rest of the way. the actual problems during the journey are reported elsewhere in this blog. but on the way out he saw one of the local transport vehicles pulling out from a house just up the street from him. now, how could he have forseen and prepared to take advantage of that ? it wasn’t perfect, appropriate, or mistaken. it was organic. and that is his weakness.

i’m going to continue this in another post.