you’ll note there’s no advocate in this story. “advocate” comes from the greek “paraclete” meaning Spirit, found often in the new testament. in the legal sense “advocate” means one who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. today we find public defenders, prosecutors and zealous representers. rarely is there an advocate.

popular tv shows depict only defenders. we all are ready to defend someone’s right from anyone except themselves.

aren’t the u.s. rights based on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ? and you have a right as long as you can excersize and defend it. what happens if you no longer excersize the right of pursuit of happiness ? is the law saying that you lose the right to be happy if you don’t excersize it ? will the law step in and make you happy ? or will the law enable you to be happy if you can’t on your own ?

that’s the real question here … the ability to make your life into more than just life and liberty. how to affect the quality of life.

does that mean there must be an advocate ? there’s certainly not a protagonist, maybe an antagonist. certainly stressors. but is any human able to provide for themselves that quality of life or do they require a soul mate ?