the following is a snippet from a letter written to a friend:

“my first 6 years were in hollywood,fla.. so many italians, but you knew that part. i remember stabbing one kid in the foot because he collapsed my hole in the lutheren kindegarden. then due west, sc and erskine college and a town of dysfunctionality and my first kiss. we had wild boars and escaped felons. mom had me hold a shotgun pistol while dad got the laundry. then there was nashville, tn with st bernard academy where mom was gone for what was then a long time and it was just dad and me and i couldn’t walk home. there were tunnels downstairs and i played in them. even got trapped in an elevator. next were two homes in chapel hill, nc. one was in a little valley with a great collie. i got to play outside a lot and collect pop bottles for icees. then we moved to a bigger house where i had crystal radios to listen to. i went to st thomas moore with more nuns. then was d matt thompson. i still see don and linda and steve from there. you and i met when oakwood and d matt students went to sr high. we both went to college, i went to app state and you went north to (???) and you were best man at the wedding. cat still swears that you were trying to talk me out of it.”