jewel ‘in the end, only kindness matters’

i wish i was able to do this years ago. the only problem i have is other people’s inability to tolerate anything difference from themselves. yeah the law says yield to pedetrians, but unless you want to be foolish enough to step out in front of a semi, they aren’t going to stop and let you by.

well, i’m no one’s fool and i have always told the truth. as inconvient as it might have been. but i should have stood up back then and all the times before. not just because it was ‘right’ but because if i didn’t then i wouldn’t be able to do it when there was more at stake. it takes an act of faith to believe in doing something without permission or forgiveness simply because you believe in it. and can believe in it without blinking.

this isn’t an explanation or excuse, just a statement. just like i called it over three years ago when things went sour. and it’s time that everyone involved took responsibility for it. what i said and what i was told can be confirmed _now_ – the result. checkmate.

chess is just a game. implemented by humans with icons. to make decisive moves. opponents face to face.

well the rules are there, but it’s really just individuals with all their foibles meeting.

i’ve been spring cleaning, waiting for my easter …