bandwidth and natural limits

we have to imagine what a dot or cell would be, a unitary entity. easier to conceptualize, or draw, a line. that’s how we use language. still easier to depict in three dimensions, that’s how we use black and white pictures. the fourth dimension of time allows presentation of as-it-happens events, however inclusion of qualities of the event tax the appropriating systems. that limit is bandwidth. that’s why there are very few videos on the web. and even then a video is a ‘capture’. somehow the brain is able to exceed these limits, providing tremendous quality processed input, retaining the event for later retrieval.

testing involves an individual in a systemic load of reality so that the visual gateway isn’t unnaturally barred when responding to emergent events. there must be a balance between reasonable and prudent with assuredness and certainty for the former is easily manipulated and the latter is a prideful. observe preserveration or impulsivity. music or television should not trigger “echos of past events” but “harmonies with current constructs”.

one gateway load is to let the subject have a camera in a room with windows. they can then adjust to the role of an observer through two gateways to ‘reality’ appreciating the event. your observations should remain on how the subject may become incongruent in his responses. watch for startled reactions and imbalanced corrections.

another gateway is vision. perception changes, visual acuity, response rigidity, and sensory imbalance signal improper feedback mechanisms. do not allow the test to proceed to where the subject precesses beyond self-correction.