picture a manic depressive pretty much as jimi hendrix expressed in his classic. symbolized as a rapidly precessing gyroscope intent on spinning rapidly on itself until it meets an object in its path. there will always be an intense internal pressure to resolve issues, spin up until spin down, or clear the plate. they will always seek to involve (precess) themselves.

their anithesis is someone who wants to control them as an extension of themselves. that person will metaphorically touch the gyroscopic top axis, stopping it (temporarily). the precession builds and the controller sets a task. the depressive complies and rather than reward, the depressive is critiqued. this makes the depressive feel stupid for the attempt.

here’s a classic case of dissonance:

the patient has a doctor’s appointment. on the way downstairs the controller calls him, while talking to him, the transport comes. not hearing the transport come he contines to talk. the transport has base call upstairs. now there are three sources seeking attention. the patient faces a choice as to what to do.