the ‘it’ girl

get over ‘it’, get with ‘it’, don’t you get ‘it’ ?

‘it’ has to be effective pattern recognition. events are perceived in patterns. effective perception is rewarded in proportion. ineffective perception is discouraged in proportion.

disorders cloud both the ability to perceive patterns and the response-ability to reward. sharing is the gateway in which changes can be indentified, corrected and applied.

i say changes rather than disorders because sharing is a creative process rather than a chaotic process. by limiting ourselves to only recognizing previous patterns we are preserverating. by sharing we are inviting new ways to grow.

if we try to picture what can give us what we need and ‘see’ that only coming from us, or similar to us, then we are preserverating. if we simply look out the window and admit that it would be foolish to project our own solution then we have finally realized the promise of creative solutions.

so, never be a “don’t get it” bigot. the only way to “get it” is to admit you have to share!