the last samaritan or one nation under god

man has rationality and creativity in life. it’s supposed to be a balance. we decide or resolve issues. we reach a conclusion or suffer an insight.

sometimes though this process becomes imbalanced. one no longer trusts insight and defends reason due to a real or perceived injury.

imagine lassie who could “emote” to timmy what was wrong on the farm. Timmy understood and would believe enough in lassie to go fix it. but lassie wasn’t very good at emoting about herself. and timmie had a hard time knowing if she was hurt and how to fix it.

lassie had only her insight, wild guesses, non-rational thoughts, on how to convey her meanings to timmy, the last good samaritan. confused and in pain she had to trust his wisdom. and would it have been fair to just clean the wound and have her hobble to her regular duties ?

what if lassie was born with the “hurt” ? if she could never know how to “be normal” ?

the founding fathers declared that all men were created equal, or as the bible says, born into sin. but they specifically left the option open to worship in the religion of our choice. I think this meant that they acknowledged a greater intelligence at work than pure reason and that in order to address the inequalities of life, the creative, intuitive spark must be given freedom to seek help. and in return get help.

The right to worship empowers the good samaritans. not just as a privilege but a duty.

sure a quadroplegic doesn’t have to be depressed, but don’t think you have the right to put him back in his wheelchair, pat him reassuringly and say “have a nice day!”