i tell you i graduated law school in 1982, not in the top of my class, not in the bottom either. try the bar once and miss by 40 lousy points. 60% of our class failed that year and a whole committee was formed to investigate. know what they said ? that year the applicants accepted were below par and would have failed anyway.

i never tried again. it was a big cigarette town so big corporate firms wanting stuffed shirts, which i wasn’t.

but i always had a guardian angel talking to that part of me who could see and understand but not speak. i took a life insurance plan my pappy bought for me when i was born and converted it into an apple ][+. While i studied for the bar, i studied my computer. i learned my apple better than the law. and the computer took better care of me. it’s still taking care of me.

i tried recently to appeal to the aba, asking how they could help a disabled law alumni get back into the legal field. well folks, they won’t. unless you are taking courses, meaning you can pay, or you have passed the bar, and you have paid, or you can currently pay, forget it. and all the local legal aid societies will only handle domestic disputes.

so where is this pro bono work ? work, verb not noun. or equal opportunity ? it’s easy to see a guardrail or braille, but designated council ?

There is still intolerance in america, most likely inflamed by the characters who insist on their right to be wrong. But it’s even more grievous when it’s mental intolerance because the symptoms are so subtle and the rejection so easy.