one day they’re going to have a blogger editor, you can pick which blogger you’re going to write to and viola, you customize the space, set the atmosphere and specialize your text. Schizophenia gone high tech.

I wonder what they’ll call MySpace ? Or LiveOffice, or GeoCities, or MSNSpace, or blogstream (my favorite) or Yahoo!360 or BellSouth Home ? Plus there more …

So many rectangles waiting for us to fill with pictures, videos, sounds and words. But we only get a thin taste of the life, and only touch a mouse or keyboard. Ah, there’s no scents! In the computer world, there’s non-sense.

Yeah, that stretches the analogy a bit far, but for a simalcrum, it finally reveals it’s own weakness.

Too often is there the random fluid dynamics that Einstein proclaimed that God would never use to play dice with the universe. But society only proves that “normality” is only captured in statistics.

I was really listening to “Gypsy” with Stevie Nicks, one of the first when I was dating my ex. I should have paid more attention. Stevie sings for herself, she sings for my ex. If I could ever figure out what the song means, because Stevie is only singing for the female, then I can truly approach a real woman. Opposites are not attractive!

I wish Sidney Freedman was here. He’d know what to do. And if you don’t know Sidney, well, you’re a few steps behind already. But he put his finger on it with his classic line of pulling down your pants and sliding on the ice. See it’s my theory that our sixth sense is 360 degree balance and anytime we can’t expose ourself to maintaining that balance we are truly at risk.

People are sooo off center here. Te way you can tell is the explanations. Explanations don’t mean anything, reality does. Understanding why does. So anytime it isn’t real, well, it’s not worth your time, move on.

I vote for a new tool for our home page. It should count the messages you’ve sent, if they’ve been read and if they’ve been replied to. Same for friend requests, if they’ve been opened, denied or rejected. A good counter on the blogs wouldn’t hurt either. Call it a responsibility meter. It would make sure we got proper attribution.

“Good night Gracie”