ombudsman, lassie, or sheepdog for the church

sorry to be gone so long, but i’ve had to take time to unclutter the attic as it were. a good three mile walk yesterday helped. that and making two three page checklists…

see, as a species we have those create rules and those who apply them, and those who are unique to the rules. i use the church as an example because i’ve studied it the longest and deepest.

you have a patriarch of a “tribe” who sits in council, then the metropolitan who deal with cultural sub-entities, a bishop who deals with localities of the subentities, some ethnic entities predominate within a geographic region. Then there are the priests for each parish who try to deal with a homogenous ethnic class.

in the parish are deacon(ess), cantors, ushers, sunday school teachers, board chairmen, etc.

unique parishioners with special dispensation are the monks and nuns, who in turn setup their own ‘mini’ parish.

so while within each parish are sub functions, and the priest who delegated the sub functionaries their is truly no one besides the priest who knows the full working of the rules. and just like any good shepard, he need a good sheepdog. someone who can get all the cliques working together.

There is always a fulcrum and balance point to any equation. i think the church has been without its long enough.