i’m back after a long hiatus, yet in stasis, looking for an oasis, now bound by contract, but i’m back. full of vitriol!

today is just one more in a succession of long sad days. but, hey, that’s okay, no one listens anyway! there’s only been two comments unmoderated in months much less one verbal feedback and a chewing out because i dress in black [it so happens that orthodox seminarians and steve jobs do also] and speak to few people who outwardly do not profess friendship or think that the ‘666’ in the email is a cult [i was stupid and frustrated enough that when 333 was taken i chose it. i say that the devil is after me. sort of a word play. like other things in life, one moment of utterance under stress condemns you for life. at least to those who choose to be bigots].

of the few who have listened, most want to give their way. and what good is that ? if you need a pre-packackaged solution, you could just buy it over the internet via amazon or ebay.

of the few left, they are precious, and i will endure anything to keep them. dad’s pearls of great price. only they truly know what enlightened self interest is.

i have specifically asked for no mourners at my grave since Jessus said ‘let the dead bury the dead’. and i mean it as well as practiced it.

soon as i can get the scanner [ocr] running, i’ll post the whole kit and kaboodle onto the parent website. consider this a placemarker.

may God give you peace.