no matter how many times i chnage over to the new version and sign in with my new account and then synchronize, i end up with a ‘sign in’. sheesh’. plus broken links! go direct to the sites and they’re there fine.

yes the grammer is on purpose. i was born in te far south, hollywood fla! we stayed completely out of the war. then my father moved us back here to statesville. so i moved from the italians direct from ellis island to scotch from the mayflower.

seems mom moved from pennsylvania due to chronic health issues to where the climate would protect her. but then i just found out that the house right across from ours housed mayer lansky of all people! and my father had the same illness as i determined in 1963 [btw: i need to get the confirming papers back from my doctor].

but mother decided it was best to move back here with my father endangering both her health and mine, to be with his family. i don’t begrudge him, but i feel she should realize her responsibility. oh, i would also be nice to be able to communicate this to my brother and my daughter face to face.

yesterday i went out to see my burial site, just to make sure nothing else has happened to it. seems my second cousin had taken the gate off the hinge, just torn it down on her own initiative. all of a sudden, my uncle calls up and accuses me of confronting his grandchild and that i bettter never, ever do it again. on two different phones. i have a witness to prove otherwise. all i asked was what happened and informed her that my father wasn’t around to give permission anymore. see i’m concerned with her safety and my liability because i DO own land out there.

then the local clerk of court, with only _original_ jurisdiction_ won’t let the case go after making a summary decision without reading the citations i prepared in a brief for her. [i like the new spell checker here, but a grammar and thesarus for all posts at once would sure help. how else can you edit over a year’s posting?]

the whole probate matter has ben referred to the mayor who in his position as an attorney [for $75] recommended this strategy. of course he also had a conflict of interest in that there were annexation plans for my property going on at the same time as he had my case. i’m still waiting to discuss with him about the possibility of a councellman [sp?] prebuying land before initiating a restoration project for the same area.

the same one who tried [unsuccessfully tried to buy enough of our in town property to cut us off and make it worthless].

of course there have been some great people as well, though i don’t know if i should name them unless you ask. but they have such big hearts, they are dad’s pearls of great price to which i hold dearly. for them, nothing is too much. ever.

now, i shouldn’t even start on local phone companies, or cells for that matter, should you ?

and insurance companies! oh boy. now mine’s ended, except medicare. and they can’t send out an eob on time to save their life, which will bollox up a secondary beyond all recognition. then if you don’t get your doctor to write correct 90 day scripts, you’ll end up like me — without!

then these try for so many weeks free magazine scams. how DO you get out from under them ? about them time you remember to cancel, the original instructions are lost. and they finally send something useful. like time’s article on the brain.

but forget self help about the brain. face it. how to you help yourself when the very organ that’s defective is the one being used to dig out from under.

personally, when my meds get low i’m headed for a good hospital and getting off everything i can. going back to where i was before this all started. a that will be one royal pain. maybe medicaid will be in place by then.

no i’m not worthless. but my validation comes from God and the Orthodox Church, not man. who else is fit to judge? what God made me is His gift to me, what i do with it is my gift to Him.

Oh yeah, banks. I still have disputes with vendors outstanding from summer. No explanation as to why they were closed. But it was over $1000. Now that’s ashame to someone who doesn’t have enough for meds.

ever heard ‘behind blue eyes’ by the who ? know you know why i write in lower case.

may you have peace and forget this ‘666’ as a momement of stress.