07.06.2009 21:45

Let’s talk about security for a minute. I found a great big whole in one notorious posting sites, as big as MySpace. You can read the whole user’s files. Great, hunh ? Nope. Think about how you would tell someone that security has been compromised except including the fact that you saw the contents ?
My thought is that you ever write anything down, it’s public. Even doing it to your own journal and then locking it up, who’s to say there was no surveillance, no photos ?
Try another experiment. If someone has ever cornered you before and said that you were talking behind their back, then don’t for a week and see if they accuse you again.
Why does there get to be all this secrecy ? By now you can tell a lot of my own dirty secrets. And if you ask about something in particular that won’t hurt someone else, I’d probably tell you.
But that’s the rub, “not hurting someone else”. You’ll have to pardon me because I’m just now getting to realize the full impact of “otherness”, but there’s different spaces for everyone. And people in their own space will share, sometimes they’ll share things that will hurt themselves if spoken to too many people.
Why ?
I dunno, but I do it too!